How to Record Microphone Sound on Windows 11/10/8/7

By |2022-02-02T11:06:54+08:00November 19, 2021|

With ZEUS MUSIC, you can record all audio (system audio), microphones, and external inputs that can be played on a PC. You can also record streaming, internet radio, LINE and Skype calls. It can be used for many purposes.

Here’s a quick guide on how to record microphone sound only.

You […]

Tips | Multi Screen Recording using ZEUS RECORD

By |2022-02-02T13:35:00+08:00November 19, 2021|

This page introduces how to do multi screen recording using ZEUS RECORD.

Multi screen means connecting multiple displays to one PC and using them at the same time. It is not a virtual desktop function of Windows 10. With this method, you can do other work while recording on the […]

Tips | How to Create Schedule Recording Task

By |2022-04-19T14:40:29+08:00November 19, 2021|

ZEUS RECORD has a special function where you can create schedule recording tasks. Through this function, you can schedule recording in advance. The recording will automatically start and stop according to the specified recording start and end time.

We will show you how to use the schedule function of ZEUS […]

H265 Converter: Compress File Size and Save as H265

By |2022-01-31T08:39:25+08:00November 18, 2021|

This page will guide you on how to reduce the file size by converting the video file to H.265 format using the H265 converterZEUS EDIT.

ZEUS EDIT can read, edit and convert H.265 format videos. H.265 has twice the compression performance compared to H.264 (conventional video codec). Even […]

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