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Screen Recorder

Record any on-screen activities and customize through Live Annotation.

Video Downloader

Download Videos/Audios from over 1000+ online streaming sites.

screen recorder

Music Recorder

Records music and audios at lossless quality with ID3 Tag Identifier function.

Music Downloader

Search and Download new and popular music online at lossless quality.


Trim, cut, add watermark to videos and save to any formats!

Screenshot Capture

Select an area to record on screen and customize through annotation.

>> System Requirements, Input & Output <<

Screen Recorder

Specify the range and record on-screen activities!

  • Any on-screen activities on your PC can be recorded as video or audio.
  • System sound, microphone input can be recorded as well.
  • Real-time annotation and editing recorded video.

Example of Use

BD/DVD/Videos during play, online videos, streaming live broadcasts,
online courses, presentations, games, Line, Skype, Video Call,etc
external webcam, recording from microphone,etc
Full screen, window selection, or free range selection. You can record only the playback area of the video, or any other area as you wish.
Supports 720P and 1080P full HD recording. There are no sound shifts and frame drops even when recording for a long duration.
※ The full screen gets the highest image quality as it records as it is.
Schedule the recording in advance. Recurring scheduled tasks are also possible. Multiple scheduled tasks can be created freely.
Supports recording PC connected webcam. Corresponds to schedule recording. It can be used for live presentation and monitoring.
Built with real-time annotation! Ideal for presentations, and live video creation, etc. Mouse cursor display, comment addition, highlighting, subtitles, etc.
When started the recording, you can set the end time duration to automatically stop the recording.

Video Downloader

Download videos from 1000+ online streaming websites!

  • Universal search:
    A unique search engine specialized for video.
    Find the desired videos from around the world.
  • Playlist collective acquisition:
    Select desired videos from YouTube playlists and download by batch.
  • Detect video through embed browser:
    Using the built-in browser, find the video you like or open the video streaming site.
    After finding the desired video, click “Download” to start downloading.
  • Supported Resolutions:
    8K,4K, FULL HD, 720p, 360p,etc. Various resolutions are supported.
A download button appears on the side of videos on Youtube and other video sharing sites. You can also get videos through various other methods.
Copy and paste the URL from PC browser. YouTube playlist URL can also be copied and pasted to download videos at once!
Download is more accurate than conventional products. Capable of downloading in high-speed and high quality.
Excellent Managment function and supports simultaneous batch downloads. You can list multiple videos and download them all by batch.

Music Recorder & Downloader

Music search ! Record and download favorite music !

Powerful Music Search Engine

Universal search specialized in music which browses through high-quality music libraries all around the world. It helps to find the desired song instantly. It makes music searching super fast and easy without ads or unwanted sounds.

Examples of
(Search complete in 1sec)
Product A
(Search results in 5sec *)
Charlie Parker 85,780 songs 2,559 songs
Glenn Miller 63,765 songs 5,845 songs
Jerome Kern 4,339 songs 1,219 songs
Jacob Gershowitz 52,471 songs 1,297 songs
Clifford Brown 17,405 songs 1,295 songs

* Product A requires several minutes to tens of minutes to complete a search.

Dual Method So you get all music!

If “Download” is not possible, you can opt to “Record”. With these two methods supported, you can get any music as you want!

If Download is not possible, you can opt to Record. With these two methods supported, you can get any music as you want!

Only music is displayed in the result. There is no extra element such as CM. Save the music using Download or Record!

Audio (system audio, microphone, external input) can be recorded. Streaming, Net Radio, Online Course, Line, and Skype Calls can also be recorded. It can be used for any purpose.
All the recorded music’s information are automatically fetched including the title, artist, cover art, etc. It also supports automatic division by detecting the silence at the end of the song.
You can reduce file size by converting and saving the collected music for smartphones. Extracting audio from video files is also possible. This is convenient for carrying around and using as BGM.
With an intuitive tool, you can easily extract the necessary parts and adjust the volume.

Video Editor

Edit and convert videos! Slideshow making!

Equipped with usable trimming and editing functions!

Easy to delete parts, divide, and merge such as cut and trim. You can easily add video enhancements such as: Rotation / inversion / playback speed / volume adjustment, brightness / contrast adjustment, etc.

Cut to keep the necessary parts only

Cut to keep the necessary parts only

Add marks on unnecessary parts to delete or divide.

Merge Multiple Videos

Merge Multiple Videos

Combine video files and save as one video.

Crop and keep the part you want

Crop and keep the part you want

It also supports trimming and zooming in on videos and changing the ratio from 4: 3 to 16: 9.

Image quality enhancement

Image quality enhancement

Brightness / Hue / Contrast enhanced the quality of the videos that are a little dark or lacks color.

Playback speed adjustment

Playback speed adjustment

It can be set from 1/2 speed slow playback to double speed.

Sync audio and video

Sync audio and video

Timing correction of recorded videos and/or downloaded videos with deviation. It also allows volume adjustment.

Convert videos and save in various formats!

Supports a wide selection of output file formats for different uses. Just select the preferred format to convert. Customization is also supported.

Convert videos and save in various formats!

Create a full-fledged slideshow!

Simply add images and set background music. 30 types of transitions are available for your selection.

Create a full-fledged slideshow!

Screen Capture

Capture your screen and annotate afterwards.

Capture PC screen by various areas!

Equipped with 9 different area designations such as polygon, freehand, full screen, and window. Freely captures the screen according to the area you need.

Capture PC screen by specifying various areas!

Add annotations to the captured images!

Can freely add annotations to captured images such as adding texts, arrows, lines, boxes, highlights, comments, etc. Efficiently used for the creation of presentation materials, online manuals, etc.

Add annotations to the captured images!
Capable of capturing pop-up menus and mouse cursors.
Select “Freehand” to capture the image with transparent background and save it as PNG. Easy to process like cropping a photo.
Captures the whole web page including contents as you scroll through and save as a single image.
Set a schedule to automatically capture a specified area at a fixed time. This is useful for recording on a regular basis for cameras and real-time streaming.

ZEUS BUNDLE Functions & Price

Video Downloader
Paste URL to Download, YouTube Playlist Bulk Download
Universal Search (download or save), Built-in Browser Detect/Download
Screen Recorder
Screen Recording, System Sound & Mic Recording
Record Webcam, Annotate Screen while Recording,
Schedule Recording, Set Recording Duration
Music Tools
Music/Audio Recording, Music ID3 Tag Identify, Audio Editor,
Music CD Ripper/Burner, Transfer Music to iTunes, etc
Music Library Search/Download/Record,
Schedule Recording, Set Recording Duration
Video Editor
Video Editing (Cut / Crop / Rotate / Playback Speed / Volume / Watermark / Subtitle )  ✔
Video & Audio Conversion, Easy Slideshow Maker
Screen Capture  ✔
Capture LITE (Full Screen / Window / Range Specification)  ✔
Capture  (Freehand, Transparent PNG, Preset Shapes, Annotate, etc.)
Schedule screenshot, Image Editor
Lifetime License Price $119.95  $89.96

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