Q: Is it possible to edit the recorded video?

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It is possible. When you start “Edit” on the main screen, the editing tool will start. You can adjust cut, combine, crop (enlarge), rotate/invert, image quality (brightness adjustment), playback speed, and volume.

Playback speed can be changed in the range of 50% (slow) to 200% (fast)

You can try it […]

Q: Is it possible to record during a Live game?

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Yes! ZEUS RECORD supports microphone recording, and you can add mouse movements, text additions, highlights, boxes, etc. to the video being recorded. In addition, it is also capable of uploading videos to YouTube. You can also share your recorded video on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the […]

Q: Where are the recorded data stored?

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You can display the save destination folder by opening the folder at the bottom right of the product screen.

recorded data stored, check save destination, open folder

How to check the save destination

1) Open the setting screen from the upper right of the product screen.

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