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Q. Can I do other activities on computer even while recording using ZEUS RECORD?

Even while recording using ZEUS RECORD, you can still work with other applications/software on your computer or even watch videos.

Please note the following:

1. The window to be recorded must be opened upfront.
If the setting is enabled “record the mouse cursor”, it will be visible in the recorded video when the mouse cursor enters the recording range.*

2. For full-screen playback, all other tasks can be performed other than the choosing recording by region. In this method, the screen may dim during the recording process.
Please test before recording, such as when using multi-display.

3. Depending on your PC specs, the recording quality may deteriorate due to other activities.
Please be careful not to run out of memory, CPU, graphic functions, etc.

4. Before purchasing, you can test the recording features using the “ZEUS free version” shown below.