If you know already the URL of a specific video, it would be easy to download it.

– What if you don’t know the specific URL and its video title?
– What if you want to search and download all related videos at once without browsing the internet?

This is easy using the ZEUS DOWNLOAD.

The software allows you to search videos based on the keyword you entered in the search bar. All search results will be displayed in the list. Since there are no ads while browsing, you can save time and download videos efficiently.

ZEUS Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

How to Search Videos in ZEUS DOWNLOAD Library Function

Step 1: Open Download function screen

Launch ZEUS software and click the “Download” menu to open the Download function screen.

search videos, opening download screen

Step 2: Search for videos

Click the “Library” tab and then select the “Search” option.

search videos, launch library

Enter a search keyword and click the “Search” button.

search videos, browse video

Scroll down and click the “more” button to see more search results.

downloaded video in library, display more results

Step 3: Download the video

Click the thumbnail video that you prefer to download and then it will start to play. To start downloading the video, just click the “Download” button located at the right-most part of the interface.

downloaded video in library, downloading video

The video is now added on your downloading list.

downloaded video in library, downloading video
Click the “x” button at the top right of the video media player to close the video. To see the videos downloading, go to the “Download” menu then click the “Downloading” tab.

downloaded video in library, checking the downloaded file

If there is no file under the “Downloading” list, it means that the video download is complete. Go to the “Completed” tab to check it.

downloaded video in library, download complete

Step 4: Save and play the downloaded video

Click the “Open Folder” icon to open the folder directory

downloaded video in library, opening downloaded video

Double-click the file name in the list to playback the downloaded video.

downloaded video in library, listening to your downloaded file