With ZEUS RECORD, you can freely set the recording area. When recording repeatedly, you can record with the same settings used last time or use different settings. This page will show you how to reselect recording settings and how to record with the same settings as last time. Using this function, it helps to easily reuse the same settings to reduce user works in constantly specifying the same recording settings.

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Using Different Settings

When recording with different settings from the previous time, click the right side (blue arrow) of the “Start” button on the Record tab.

reselect recording settings, open record tab

Recording using Previous Settings

By clicking the left side of the “Start” button (red arrow part), you can start recording immediately with the previous settings. If the previous settings have been saved, the button name will be “Start”. The recording settings will be cleared when you restart the product. If the settings have not been saved, the button name will be “Record”.

zeus edit, save changes

That’s all on how to reselect recording settings. It offers options to use new settings or use the previous settings using the ZEUS RECORD function.