Do you want to listen to extracted audio and music from online videos using your iPhone or Android?

Here, we are going to show you how to download audio only from video online using ZEUS DOWNLOAD.

Try ZEUS for free using its powerful download function!

ZEUS Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Step 1: Search the video that you want to download

Search your preferred video to download using your PC browser. With ZEUS DOWNLOAD (upgraded version of LITE), you may use its embedded browser.

download audio only from video, zeus search video to download

When you find your preferred video, copy its URL from the top address bar. Copyright infringement and the use of copyrighted film, pictures, and audio for purposes other than personal viewing are forbidden by law. Please abide by the copyrighted work’s terms of use. Please review the service’s terms before using the content.

Step 2: Launch ZEUS DOWNLOAD

Launch ZEUS and select the “Download” tab.

download audio only from video, zeus download tab

Step 3: Change the download type to audio

By selecting “Audio”, the downloaded file will be saved as MP3. Make sure to change the settings before you start downloading.

download audio only from video, zeus select audio s

Step 4: Start downloading

Click the “paste URL” button to start downloading

download audio, zeus paste url to download
You can check the progress of your music in the “Downloading” section. In here, the copied video URL from step 1 is pasted
If the pasted URL is invalid, a notification box will pop up displaying “Please check the URL and copy it again.

Step 5: Playback your downloaded music

When the download is complete, it will be transferred to the “Completed” tab.

download audio, zeus download completed


You can playback your downloaded music by right-clicking the file. You may also open the file saved folder by selecting “Open Folder” from the option list.

Transfer the save music files to your iPhone and enjoy!

The music file is saved in MP3 format. You can also change its format depending on your preferences.