ZEUS EDIT is built with a powerful function where users can customize and change file size of video. With file size predictive conversion, it is possible to save video data of the target file size in a limited space such as HDD or DVD.

You can try the video & music conversion/editing software – ZEUS EDIT, just click the button below.

ZEUS Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Step 1: Add file to ZEUS

Launch ZEUS and select the “EDIT” tab. Click “Add File” or drag and drop to add the file.

change file size of video, reding the file

Step 2: Check the file size

After loading the video, in the red frame part of the image, you can check the file size of the loaded video.
change file size of video, checking the file size

Step 3: Enter the file size after conversion

Set the file size after conversion.
Select the video format you want to convert.
change file size of video, setting the file size

This time, select “Same as source file”.

perform video conversion, setting same as source file

After selecting the output format, click “Size”.
perform video conversion, clicking size tab

A window will appear, then, select Customize.

perform video conversion, selecting customize tab

In Customize, specify the converted file size.
* The lower and upper limits that can be specified are displayed in parentheses on the right.
This time, I specified it within 50MB.
perform video conversion, specifying customize

Step 4: Perform the conversion

After completing the settings, click “Convert” at the bottom right.
perform video conversion, converting

This completes the conversion.

To see the size of the converted video, place the cursor on the video and right-click.
Select a property and click.

perform video conversion, see the size of the converted video

A list of information will appear.
perform video conversion, list of information of the file

Since it is 14.3 MB, it is still within 15 MB.

That’s all on how to customize and change file size of video using the ZEUS EDIT.