ZEUS MUSIC has a function to record the sound being played on a personal computer. Through this, you can record the music playing on the online radio from various streaming sites while listening to it. One best streaming sites to listen to is the Radiko. Through ZEUS MUSIC’s music recording function, you can record online radio from Radiko while listening. This is a good alternative way to grab online radio music and save it offline for offline streaming.

You can try ZEUS MUSIC recording function by clicking the button below.

ZEUS Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Step 1: Open radiko

Go to Radiko website and open the online radio that you want to record in advance. Recording of online radio other than from Radiko is also possible.

Step 2: Record with ZEUS MUSIC

Launch ZEUS and click “MUSIC”.

record online radio from radiko, open music tab

Step 3: Select “System Sound”

Select “System Sound” from the recording device at the bottom right of the screen.

record online radio from radiko, select system sound

Step 4: Start recording

Click the “Start Recording” button then play the radiko audio.

For smooth recording, close applications that are not required for recording. Please be careful about the network status during recording. Even if the sound is stopped or the sound is interrupted due to network conditions, it will be recorded as it is.

record online radio from radiko, start recording

Step 5: Stop recording

Click the “Stop Recording” button when the recording is complete.

using zeus to record, stop recording

To open the location where you want to save the recorded audio file, right-click the recorded audio icon and click Open Folder.
using zeus to record, open folder to save file

Tips: Recording time setting

It is also possible to set the recording time.

When you start recording, items for setting the duration will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
Click. it.

using zeus to record, set recording time

Check the recording end time and set the time.

In the example below, it is set to 10 minutes.
In this case, the recording will end automatically 10 minutes after the setting.

using zeus to record, setting timer for ten minutes

Click OK.

using zeus to record, click ok button

The duration part at the bottom right of the screen changes to a countdown.
The recording will end automatically at 00:00:00.

using zeus to record, start recording with timer

That’s all for recording Radiko online radio music.