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Q: I registered ZEUS MUSIC LITE as a product, but recording is restricted.

If you have registered the product registration code from the product screen but the operation is restricted, it is possible that you are using a function other than the one that is enabled for the purchased product.

Since the ZEUS series uses a common program for the series, multiple functions are integrated. There are restrictions on the functions that cannot be converted to the product version with the license (product registration code) of the purchased product. Only the top-level version can be purchased separately to remove the restrictions on all functions.

Audio recording

There are two ways to use the recording function of ZEUS.

-From the Record tab
-From the Music tab

If the purchased product is ZEUS MUSIC or ZEUS MUSIC LITE, use the recording function of the Music tab.

restricted recording, enable audio recording, go to music tab

See also the manual.

Music 1: Music Recorder

Recording using only recording/audio on the Record tab is lifted by licenses such as ZEUS RECORD and LITE.

If the issue is still not resolved, please contact Support and let us know the problems that occured in detail.

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