Product Review of ZEUS by Shweta

Zeus is software that has almost everything to do with video making, editing and more. I’m going to share my experience of using it.

Shweta, 25th January 2022

Zeus is software that has almost everything to do with video making, editing and more. I’m going to share my experience of using it.

Here are some positive features of each function that I liked:

The first function I would like to mention is the “Paste URL”. You simply need to copy and paste the link of the video that you want to download in this function “Parte URL”. There are many options in which you can choose the quality of the video you would like to download. It might look as an ordinary feature but still effective as it is giving the user a preference which is highly efficient. In fact, the data used to download the video can be utilized accordingly and won’t get wasted. Since it makes the process of downloading uncomplicated and hassle-free, this function is great.

The next one is “Detect”, beneficial if you don’t want to waste time in searching for a specific video that you want to download.
Since “Detect” works as a browser by itself, it is time saving and convenient rather than manually surfing on the internet. Additionally, there are several options to download from various sources from only the “Detect” option. This makes this function quite unique and much user-oriented.

The third function is the “Library” function; there is a variety of videos that you can choose to watch and download by default. This is something that makes this software quite adventurous, giving you something to get out of your comfort zone.

The “Record” is an attractive function because it has multiple features such as you get to record a specific part of your screen, full screen, web cam, around mouse or even only audio too. This is an interesting function and you can play around with the features you have not experienced before.

Moving on to the fifth function; When you click on the selected recorded video in the “Record” function, the video automatically moves to the “Convert” function and demands for the next action. Therefore, making the process of recording, changing or adding subtitles to the recorded video becomes very handy. It is time saving and easy to use for a non-technical person because this feature in both the functions “Record” and “Convert” are connected. It has other benefits such as it can convert any video or audio file into any format or quality. You can edit the video to whatever length and quality you prefer. After converting the file you can respectively save it where you prefer.

Here are some negative features of each function that I did not like:

The automatic download feature in “Detect” is not helpful because it unnecessarily downloads multiple videos which reserve a big portion of storage and data. It can get tedious to delete the unwanted videos and can also cause a risk of virus if not downloaded from a secure source. Some might find this function quite useless and may be irritating too.

The search option is of no use when you visit the “Library” section.


Finally, keeping both negative and positive factors of each function in mind, I feel the most attractive function in this software is the fifth function because it has the “Record” and “Convert” functions combined, yet, user friendly and effective as a tool. Another cool feature is you can add subtitles after editing the video length.

My second favourite is the fourth function as I have not come across this kind of feature in any other software and it is something that impressed me instantly. It’s fun, has its experimental benefits and yet easy to handle for a non-technical person.

Ultimately, this software is extremely convenient, user-oriented, productive, fun and smart, making it a must try with only two minor disadvantages and all of the five functions being super trendy and rewarding!

You can try to use the software for free by downloading the button below.


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 supported

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