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It sounds bold as it may seem, but if you have seen the ZEUS and its features. You would realize that you should have known it earlier.

Marlon, 25th January 2021

ZEUS Universal Video Tool

zeus bundle lite, recording screen

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zeus bundle lite, recording screen

ZEUS Universal Video Tool

As the Video industry is pushing its way to dominate the marketing, Lots of application had been created by different companies through their fantastic programming talents. ZEUS app created by Gamesoft is one of them. It is a leading software company in Japan that passionately supports the video marketing industry. They are under partnership with multiple companies that shows how strong the foundation is since October 1, 2009. It sounds bold as it may seem, but if you have seen the ZEUS and its features. You would realize that you should have known it earlier.

Yup! The ZEUS Universal Video Tool. As it may look, it’s a video streaming and downloading tool from the outside. But the other features will be breath taking. This tool mainly will enable you to watch videos from multiple sources on the website. But on top of that, it also allows you to download videos for free as easy as pasting the URL on it. The trial app will give you limit to the number of downloads, but the paid version will be unlimited. What’s more surprising is that you can transfer those videos to your iTunes for free and less hassle. So iPhone users! This is what we are exactly looking for.

From simple video streaming to music, video, downloading and picture capturing with editing options, this product really have what it takes to be on the top. It’s an all in 1 package that has all you need to start. May it be for video marketing, video creating, or vlogging. It has a very simple and user friendly interface that guilds you to your editing works which will take your sweat away. The free trial version is available but if you would like more, they have the paid version that gives you more options. Another highlight for this product is the lock and shutdown options that give you privacy. Have you tried making a project where you lost everything on your computer? Worry no more as ZEUS will secure it for you. Overall the application is an all in 1 pack from stream, search to editing and CD burning.

In a nut shell, the features that are needed in multiple computer application are put into one. The ZEUS Universal Video Tool which saves more time and free up your computer memory space. The product doesn’t have problems running into a low specs computers. Given that, the ZEUS Universal Video Tool is what video streaming and editing tools should have been.

The downloadable trial version is available on the link bellow.



✔Friendly interface

✔ Low computer specs required

✔ Interesting downloading features

✔ Complete feature from streaming to CD burning

✔ Privacy option such as lock, shutdown and sleep

✔ Video streaming link to multiple web sources

✔ FREE Download video using URL


🙫 Limited trial app options

🙫 Only picture can be uploaded on the video editing options for the trial

🙫 Paid version offer keeps popping up if you are using the trial version

🙫 Limited video download for trial version

You can try to use the software for free by downloading the button below.


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 supported

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