Product Review of ZEUS by Jan

Looking for the best downloader for your PC needs? YouTube videos, mp3 downloader, converter and screen recorder – all in one software? Then Zeus  – got it all.

Jan, 12th January 2022

1) Product Review

Looking for the best downloader for your PC needs? YouTube videos, mp3 downloader, converter and screen recorder – all in one software? Then ZEUS – got it all.
No more hassle on searching for an alternative Youtube video downloader or mp3 downloader – because in Zeus Series, you can download everything in one single software. Less than a hundred mb file size, you don’t need to worry about your computer lagging, because the software runs smooth as butter. It also has a very user-interface friendly platform, so everyone can use all of its functions and navigate through it.

What feature stands the most?

As for Video Downloader – you can paste the link from Youtube and other video streaming sites then download away!

Best thing? You don’t even need to keep the browser on to download your videos. Keep downloading while multitasking!

Looking for your favorite music to play? No need to open your browser or search it on google because you can do it on the search bar on the ‘music’ section of Zeus. As easy as clicking the download button on the right side, you can choose to download the music. Don’t feel like downloading the songs? You can try to listen to the music first by playing it.

One of the best things here is the converter function. You can convert your Youtube videos into an mp3 file format or any video format. This way, you can play your videos on any device such as android phones, iPhone or even on your smart TV.

Alongside, it also offers screen recording function and basic editing program. In this way, the user can have the utmost convenience – without needing to download any 3rd party software. It also has these bonus functions – such as cd burning, editing music and transferring files to iTunes.

All in all, this is one of the best downloader products online. The best thing is that it boosts the all-in-one function of downloader, converter and screen recorder into one compact software. No need to download multiple software because you can just buy the software in one bundle which will save you quite a lot of budget.

2) Most attractive function and why?

The most attractive function for me is the music downloader section. Because it offers so much like having a spotify on your computer without the monthly subscription fees. You can easily search and download your favorite music in a jiffy.

The software also runs very clean and smooth which is great especially for those people who don’t have the latest or greatest specs for a laptop or computer. The japan programing on this software is very good because they managed to create a software with multi-functions without compromising the user-interface, navigation and especially the price of a product with multiple functionalities.

You can try to use the software for free by downloading the button below.


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 supported

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