Download Leave The Door Open by Silk Sonic from Youtube

“Leave The Door Open” is a soulful and romantic song by Silk Sonic, a duo made up of superstar musicians Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. The song was released on March 5, 2021, and quickly became a hit, earning widespread critical acclaim and commercial success.The song is a throwback to classic soul and R&B music, featuring a smooth and funky groove that sets the mood for the romantic lyrics.

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Method 1: Download “Leave The Door Open” from YouTube Via Copy and Paste Method using ZEUS.

Step 1: Copy the link address of “Leave The Door Open” Music Video to download.

Go to the YouTube page and copy the web address of “Leave The Door Open”.

Download Leave The Door Open

Step 2: Paste the link address of “Leave The Door Open” Music Video into the application.

Click the “Paste URL” button on the ZEUS’s download main screen to start the download.
Download automatically starts.
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Step 3: “Leave The Door Open” Music Video is downloaded

Click on the “COMPLETED” tab to view the video file. Right-click on a video file and it will bring up other options for file management.

Download Leave The Door Open

Method 2: Record “Leave The Door Open” Music Video.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Record” function found on ZEUS.

Click the “Record” function found in ZEUS.
music video

Step 2:  Audio Configurations Setting

Click on the Audio button to see the options available for that file.
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Step 3: Record Configuration Setting

Click the Start button to see the available options.
This recording will be set up in region

Step 4: Start Recording “Leave The Door Open” Music Video

First there is an initial countdown, and when it ends, a toolbar pops up. This indicates that recording has started.
Download Leave The Door Open

Step 5: “Download Leave The Door Open” Music Video Recording is Complete

When recording is complete, press the “Stop” button on the toolbar to stop recording
Download Leave The Door Open
Right-click on the downloaded file to see additional options for file management.


“Leave The Door Open” is a beautiful and catchy song that showcases the musical talents of two of the biggest names in the industry. Its classic sound and romantic lyrics have made it a fan favorite, and its success is a testament to the enduring appeal of soul and R&B music.

YouTube’s vast library of music is unmatched by any other platform. Users can access a vast range of music from various genres and time periods, including new releases, classic hits, and rare tracks. ZEUS allows you to Download Leave The Door Open from Youtube and save it to your computer in its original form, or records videos