Vocaloid Songs Download and Record from YouTube(2022)

youtube, vocaloid songs download Because of the continuous popularity of Vocaloids all over the world, many are becoming fans. Contrary to popular beliefs, Vocaloids songs don’t sound monotonous and robotic. With more effort from the editor or producer, Vocaloids music can sound more human. It is capable of singing with emotions, dynamic changes in pitch and tone, and better pronunciation. Vocaloids became a sort of release for some anonymous producers or songwriters. Because Vocaloids is already a program, producers mainly use it for their creativity. Creating music, sounds, or sharing stories; many artists use Vocaloids for various reasons.

Because of all the amazing Vocaloids songs you can find on YouTube and other video streaming sites – fans want more Vocaloid songs to download or record. An example is Vocaloid Miku songs download which is considered the most popular Vocaloid.

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By using ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, users can do more than downloading videos but it can also do high-quality recording. Perfect for videos that are not available for download because of encryption. This software offers more alternative methods, so users are free to choose whatever they feel like.

Method 1: Download Single Video

Step 1: Copy Video URL

By using your preferred browser, go to YouTube and search for Vocaloids song download. An example would be songs from Miku Hatsune or Ayase YAOSOBI. After choosing a video, copy the URL from the top search bar of the browser.

Vocaloid songs download, youtube vocaloid, youtube site

Step 2: Paste URL

Next, launch the ZEUS BUNDLE LITE. On the Download Tab click Paste URL for Automatic URL detection download.

vocaloid songs download, youtube vocaloid, zeus software

Step 3: Video Downloading

After pasting the URL, the automatic downloading queue will begin.

vocaloid music, video downloading

Step 4: Video Download Complete

After a few minutes, your download is now complete. Click the COMPLETED section and double-click file to autoplay.

vocaloid music, video download complete

Method 2: Record Vocaloid Video from YouTube

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

First step for recording is preparing the video source. Go to YouTube and click on the Vocaloid song you want to download then click pause.

screen record video, recording

Step 2: Set Recording Area

Launch ZEUS BUNDLE LITE and on the Record Tab, click the Record arrow button to select recording settings. You can choose various recording settings such as record by region, around the mouse, full screen or only audio.

record youtube videos, recording

If you’re using the Full-Screen Record mode, you can hide the recording toolbar by clicking the three dots on the top left corner of the app. Then, click Settings.

save videos, recording

Click the Record section then click Recording under the Advanced Settings.

download youtube video, youtube music record, recording

Uncheck the Show Recording Toolbar (to hide during recording) then click OK.

zeus recorder, recording

Step 3: Start Recording

Once you select which recording setting you like, an automatic countdown will start. After the countdown reaches Zero, the screen recording will automatically start. During the countdown, go back to your YouTube video.

screen recoding videos, recording

When the recording starts, play the video to record. Make sure to enter full-screen mode to capture the whole ratio of the video.

Note: A recording mini-taskbar will pop-up on the screen. Other recording functions are available such as Pause/Play button and Stop.

Note: if using Full-Screen Recording mode, you can Stop the record by pressing the Shortcut Keys (CTRL+F10).

save recording videos, recording

Step 4: Recording Finished

Once the video is finished, click the stop button on the recording taskbar. It will automatically save the recorded video. You will be redirected to the recording library where you will see the saved files.

Right-click the file to select other tasks such as play, rename, open folder, etc.

video recording, recording


Some of the most famous and popular Vocaloids right now are Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, and Vocaloid producer Ayase. Kenshi Yonezu and Ayase – YOASOBI, is also one of the rising Vocaloid programs today. Creating music videos and songs from the program with a catchy melody and meaningful lyrics.

Because of the rising trend in Vocaloid music that started in the early 2000’s, some newbie fans begin to appreciate the charisma, cuteness and even the creative aspect of Vocaloids. With different artists coming up with songs, music videos and even incorporating personality on the Vocaloid – no doubt it is starting to get mainstream.

By using ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, users can be able to do Vocaloids song download or record any of Vocaloids music or music videos they like. It is not only applicable on YouTube but also to other music or video-streaming sites. Because the software contains multiple features, users don’t need to download any other recording or editing software to use.