Valentine Slideshow Maker | Show Your Love!

Valentine Slideshow Maker Since this is love month, how do you show your love to your partners? Are you outspoken about your feelings for him/her? Or are you the shy type who has no idea how to express your feelings? Well, if that’s the case, then, make room for your imagination! Allow yourself to be creative! Now is the time to have a Valentine Slideshow Maker. In creating your own slideshow, you may show your love towards your partner that will surely appreciate your effort. By this, no need for sweet messages to say. Just show the video you make and that’s it! It’s simple to create bright, appealing graphics using standard templates and themes; it’s simple to alter compared to others. Let go of the old-fashioned habit of giving flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. Use the trendy but not costly present to your partner!

If you are worried about your skills in editing, well, here are the steps for you to follow. No need, to worry about the themes, effects, or whatever, ZEUS EDIT will be your partner in making your slideshow. You should also pick good and lovely background music to ensure your slideshow will be great. Have it in mind that you need to go for the right application in doing this presentation of yours.

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With the use of its free trial version, you can edit, crop, or adjust the volume of your video for up to one minute. Please update it to the most recent version to continue using it.

ZEUS Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

The software that is really helpful when it comes to editing or making a slideshow is the ZEUS EDIT application. This tool has a lot of effects, themes, and transitions for you to select when making an MV. You can also select your preferred size in order for your video not to be corrupted when you want to transfer it to your devices.

How to Create Slideshow

Step 1: Open the Software

The first thing to do is to open the software and click the 1. “Edit” tab. Then, hit the 2. “Slideshow” button under it.

Valentine Slideshow Maker, click slideshow button

Step 2: Add Pictures

Then, add the lovely pictures you want to use for your slideshow. A new window will appear for your to choose from the images you want to include in the slideshow. Add pictures as much as you want.

Valentine Slideshow Maker, add pictures

The image shown below will be displayed once you have put all your images.

Valentine Slideshow Maker, added images

Step 3: Choose Transitions

To be more appealing to the eyes, make sure to put the transition to your video. Click the “Transitions” button of the software and a list of transitions will display.

Valentine Slideshow Maker, add transition

Note: There are more transitions available if you scroll below.

Step 4: Choose Background Music

To make your slideshow into perfection, add background music to it. Click the “Music” button and click the “+Add Music” button. Select from your computer the music you want to be added. You can simply use your theme song on it.

Valentine Slideshow Maker, add music

Step 5: Save your Slideshow

After adding music, click the “Save” button to save the changes you’ve made. If you missed something or want to edit it, you can also click the “Preview” button to repeat your slideshow.

Valentine Slideshow Maker, save slideshow


In just 5 steps, you can make your own slideshow that will surely love with your partner. No need to buy expensive gifts just to impress your loved ones. By, having a Valentine Slideshow Maker- ZEUS EDIT software, it is very convenient for you to make. You may also use this tool in some events like Christmas, Weddings, birthdays, or other ceremonies. This software has a downloading and recording function that you can use in saving your playlists!