Top 10 Music Sites to Download Music (2022)

Top 10, top 10 music sitesAnd because there is so much music available these days, many music fans choose to listen to it online. They tend to listen to music on their preferred music streaming service. That is why the ZEUS MUSIC software is here to bring joy to those who yearn to listen to their music while they are not connected to the internet. If you are looking for the best music website to download your music, you are on the right track! On this page, we will give you the Top 10 Music Sites to download your favorite music!

We deeply looked into each music site in order to determine the most popular music sites in 2022. This will allow you to quickly choose which streaming service you will use the next time you wish to download music. You may be confident that the ZEUS MUSIC application will be effective in obtaining your music from the music sites featured in this article.

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Top 10 Best Music Streaming Service in 2022

1. Tidal

Tidal is at the top of our list because of one of its key features: the ability to select between three different audio quality settings while streaming music. Standard-quality audio is an option if you wish to save data. This website not only offers music, but also high-quality music videos, a live stream, and many other features. You won’t have any problems operating this platform on your PC, mobile device, or tablet.
top 10 music sites , tidal

2. Deezer

Most people love this site. Deezer will let you create your own playlist which most music enthusiast loves this feature. It also assesses your musical preferences in order to compile a list of titles that are suited to your preferences. It’s also simple to make your own playlist using your favorite songs. The free subscription on Deezer is quite good, but the premium ones are even better. You can download music and listen to them offline with a paid Deezer subscription. If you are a student, good news for you since they offer student discounts.
top 10 music sites, deezer

3. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service for folks who enjoy music. To find new music to listen to, you can create playlists of your favorite songs or create radio stations based on your favorite music. You don’t have to pay for subscriptions if you don’t want to. This website is also compatible with a wide range of devices, which is a plus. You can use your Windows or Apple desktop computer to listen to music if you do so most of the time at home. The majority of musicians stream on this platform since it allows aspiring singers to upload their music and show off their talent.
top 10 music sites, spotify

4. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio gives you free access to the country’s greatest radio stations, which you can listen to whenever you want. You’ll also receive a customized list of artist radio stations. You may also listen to the entire podcast library. With its podcast, you may enjoy listening to it based on your preferences or mood.
top 10 music sites, iHeartRadio

5. Youtube Music

Youtube Music is very popular among all. Song discovery is facilitated by the platform’s ability to search for songs based on the album title, artist name, and curated recommendations. You can also discover music more accurately by inputting lyrics or describing a tune. This website, like the original YouTube, has a trending tab that showcases new and popular songs that people are most interested 10 music sites , Youtube Music

6. Pandora

It’s a website where you can listen to thousands of high-quality songs, and it has around 70 million monthly visitors. It allows users to create their own stations and rate the music using thumbs up or thumbs down buttons. You may also make your own playlist and share it with your friends and family if you subscribe to their premium 10 music sites , Pandora

7. LivexLive

This site is really good when you want to watch live music. Streaming on this site gives you high-quality videos. They also provide a list of pre-play lists to help you find decent music quickly. When you go to their music site, you’ll see playlists like “Today’s Top 10,” “Top Electronic Music,” and “Top Hip Hop Albums,” among many others. Video and audio content are also available on the platform.

top 10 music sites , LivexLive

8. Apple Music

Apple Music is an ad-free songs service that ensures that you will be satisfied while listening to their music. It has on-demand radio programming and allows you to download 100,000 songs to your devices. It will also allow you to enjoy their 3-month free trial edition, after which you must pay.

top 10 music sites , Apple Music

9. Amazon Music

Amazon offers a large selection of audio content, including music and podcasts. Original material created by Amazon can also be found here. Furthermore, you have access to a variety of specially crafted playlists to help you discover new songs and experiment with your musical tastes, just like on any other fantastic platform.

top 10 music sites , Amazon Music

10. Qobuz

The sound quality you may enjoy with this platform was created with the help of numerous well-known artists. Artists’ full details, as well as their titles, are available on the site. Exclusive interviews can also be found here, which you can listen to or read at your leisure. Qobuz also has a specialized store for music collectors who prefer physical copies such as CDs. You can look for such CDs on its online store and have them delivered to your home right away
top 10 music sites , Qobuz

Easiest Way to Download Music from the Top 10 Music Streaming Site

Step 1: Choose a Music to Download

Select music on any of the Top 10 Music streaming sites. Open the music and at the top address bar, copy its URL.
music download of 2022, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Music URL

First, open the software and click the “Music” button. Then, click the “Download” button. Next, tap the “Online Video to Audio” icon to ensure the video will be directly downloaded to audio format.
music download of 2022, open the software

A new window will display on your screen. Paste the copied URL inside the URL box of the software. Set its format and quality based on your preferences. Once all is done, kindly click the “Add to Download” button.
music download of 2022, add to download queue

Step 3: Music is Downloading

The music will be processed by the software. Click the “Downloading” menu to see the progress of your music.
music download of 2022, downloading

Step 4: Music Download is Complete

Check your music now under the “Completed” section of the software. All the music that has been successfully downloaded will be stored in this section. You may right-click the file to see more options.
music download of 2022, download complete


Music has never been more widely available than it is now. However, with so many options, finding a music streaming service that meets your personal needs might be difficult. Visiting one of the Top 10 Music Sites included in this article will put joy on your face. By just selecting any of those sites, you will easily do a music download of 2022.

As a result, we felt obliged to compile a list, which we would be happy to suggest to our readers. And that is also the reason why we provide software which is ZEUS MUSIC, to help you download all your favorite tracks on more than thousands of websites. Just have this tool with you so that you can easily grab your music and can create your own playlist in an instant.