Best Anime Websites to Download- Top 10 Anime Sites 2022

Top 10 Anime Sites 2022 These days, there are a lot of enticing anime websites that can provide us with new and up-to-date anime to binge-watch. We all desire to watch our favorite anime in a high-definition video, right? That’s why we’re looking for good anime sites where we can watch our shows in the highest quality.

We may find it difficult to choose a website to watch and download our favorite series because there are so many to choose from. Some may look too good to be true but little did you know, they could be harmful to your computer. There are some good websites but a premium subscription is needed. Nevertheless, we compiled a list of the top 10 anime sites in 2022 where you can surely achieve a great streaming experience. These websites come with different features offered and highlighted advantages over others so that you can easily find the perfect anime site for your streaming. Downloading anime is another issue to tackle, but with ZEUS software, you can easily download anime from the Top 10 anime sites in just a few steps. So hop along and let’s go through the list one by one!

Top 10 Anime Websites for 2022

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a joint venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment in the United States and Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in Japan, both of which are subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation. It focuses on streaming anime, manga, and Dorama. The latest anime can be watched and downloaded on this site too. This site allows you to have a 14 days trial on their page to see whether you’ll like it or not. Once a subscription is over, you will pay for a subscription to avail of their plan to exclude ads while watching.

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great anime websites, Crunchyroll site

2. KissAnime

KissAnime is an organized website so that visitors and anime fans can quickly find what they’re looking for. All of their old and new anime videos can be found by clicking the “Anime List” menu tab on the homepage. All new upcoming and new seasons uploaded can also be found under the “Trending” menu tab to keep you up to date.

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3. Bilibili

Bilibili is a popular Chinese online video sharing platform that offers varieties of video contents which mainly focuses on anime, comics, and games. This site also offers cartoons, drama series, and even movies from all over the world. It has grown into a friendly hub for pop culture and a wide range of interests, especially for those who love to watch movies or series.

Bilibili is known for its bullet comment feature where it allows real-time interaction with other viewers. If you like user-to-user interactions while watching anime, then you better try this Bilibili feature!

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4. 9anime

9anime gives us more than 9000 anime movies and series to watch online in HD quality. This site provides us with subbed and dubbed anime. It also provides downloads without signing up. It is branded as the best anime site since it provides an ad-free experience.

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best anime sites to watch anime in english, 9anime site

5. Animedao

If you prefer a more organized and easy to navigate anime website, Animedao is a great place to go. It has a powerful “Filter” feature that allows filtering anime based on genre, year of release, viewer rating, and even the status of the anime, whether it is an ongoing or completed anime series.

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best anime sites to watch anime dubbed, animedao site

6. AnimeFreak

Animefreak is one of the most popular and reliable websites to watch anime episodes. This site offers an impressive collection of popular anime in almost any category. You can even watch them in both subbed and dubbed versions.

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7. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven allows you to watch anime for free online. There are no downloads, no surveys, and only instant premium anime streaming. It provides you with the most latest animes online as well as series animes of the greatest quality. This site already categorizes their anime for you to easily binge-watch it.

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8. CONtv

CONtv offers more than 1,200 must-watch films and TV series with high-quality video. This site provides movies and series with a wide coverage like horror, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and many more that are only available on their site just like Netflix. Users’ subscription is a must too if you want to download on this site.

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9. AnimeTake

AnimeTake is a child-friendly site so rest assured that your child is protected and safe here from inappropriate contents. It’s a neat and well-organized site where you can simply find your anime movie or series when you search for it. You can also change the theme of the background to dark or light. Depending on the theme you want to go with. On their homepage, you can browse upcoming anime as well as the number of hours left for the release of new episodes.

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10. Aniplus-Asia

Aniplus-Asi is an interactive online anime streaming platform. It offers anime series for free. You may also create and share your own content related to animation where you can showcase your talent. You can also have a chance to connect through Japanese anime and pop culture. Shopping online is also possible here and you can even earn a reward.

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How to Download from Top 10 Anime Sites

With the great functionalities of the ZEUS DOWNLOAD software, you can download your favorite anime movie/series instantly. This tool also has a batch downloading feature that helps to download all episodes at once. For single downloading, its copy and paste URL and auto-detect function works magnificently for easy and fast downloads.

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Method 1: Copy and Paste Video URL

Step 1: Copy the Anime Video’s URL

Go to any of your preferred anime sites and search for your desired video to download. Click to open the video and copy its URL from the top address bar.

Top 10 Anime Sites 2022, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied URL

Then, launch the ZEUS DOWNLOAD software. By default, you will be redirected to the “Download” function screen. Click the “+Paste URL” button to paste the copied URL.

Top 10 Anime Sites 2022, paste URL to download anime

Step 3: Video is on Downloading Queue

All pasted URLs will be added to the downloading queue. You can check the downloading status under the “Downloading” tab.

best anime sites to stream, downloading anime video

Step 4: Enjoy the Downloaded Anime

The anime video will be delivered under the “Completed” section once it is downloaded. You may double-click the file to watch it or right-click to see more options to manage the downloaded file like open folder, Remove, Rename, etc.

best anime sites to stream, download complete

Method 2: Auto-Detect Download

If the copy and paste URL method is not applicable to your preferred anime site, you may use the auto-detection function of ZEUS. You can follow the steps below on how to use it.

Step 1: Open the Anime Site

Go to the anime site and search for the anime.

auto-detect anime to download, search anime

Then, highlight its URL at the top address bar and copy it.

Top 10 Anime, copy URL

Step 2: Paste URL to Download

Open the ZEUS DOWNLOAD software and click the “Detect” tab under the “Download” menu. Paste the copied URL on its built-in browser and press “Enter” on your keyboard. The software will immediately detect the video and will process to download instantly.

auto-detect to download, paste URL

Step 3: Check the status of your Downloads

To see the progress of your downloading file, click the “Downloading” tab of the software.

automatic downloading of anime, downloading

Step 4: Play and Enjoy Watching

Go over to the “Completed” section to see your downloaded anime video. You may double-click the file to toggle autoplay or right-click for more options.

automatic anime downloading, download complete


The Top 10 Anime Sites 2022 will help you choose what is the best site for you to stream or download your favorite anime movie or series. Through the said sites, you may distinguish what to use for fast and easy downloads.

It would also be better if you have ZEUS DOWNLOAD software for downloading from the anime sites mentioned in this article. You may use the 2 methods above to download anime safely and fast. You may also use the batch downloading of the software to download the complete series of your anime.

Another great alternative to grab anime videos easily is through the screen recorder of ZEUS. It allows recording the anime video without losing its quality. You can also add customizations through its real-time annotation function.