How to Record Video on Windows 10 using ZEUS RECORD

Users who have purchased ZEUS RECORD and ZEUS BUNDLE can record video on Windows 10. This software can record videos being played and can delete unnecessary parts by using the Edit functions.

You can record videos playing on any PC such as BD / DVD, YouTube, or any online videos. This software is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7.

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Part 1: Screen Recording Videos

Step 1: Go to Record Function Screen

Launch ZEUS and click the “Record” function menu to open the Record function screen.
record video on windows 10, go to record function screen

Step 2: Set the Audio Input

By default, the Audio Input is set to “System Sound”. Click it it to change other options. You can choose from None, System Sound, Microphone, System Sound and Microphone.

To avoid external noises, it is recommended to set the Audio Input to “System Sound”.
record video on windows 10, selt audio input

Step 3: Choose a recording mode

Choose your preferred recording mode by clicking the “Record” button. You can select from the options: Region, Full screen, Around mouse, Web camera, Only Audio.
screen recording videos, choose a recording mode

Step 4: Select the Recording Area

Click and drag your mouse to select your preferred recording area. Then click “OK” to proceed.
screen recording videos, select the recording area

Step 5: Begin the recording

A notification will pop-up asking if you are ready. If you are ready for recording, click the “OK” button.
screen recording videos, begin the recording

A recording toolbar will pop up indicating that the recording has started. You can click Pause to halt the recording, click the “Pencil” icon to enable the annotation, and click to enable the camera.

Then play the video to have it recorded.
screen recording videos, play to video

Step 6: Finished Recording

When the video is finished, click “Stop” to end the recording.
screen recording videos, click stop

All recorded files will be added to your Recording list. Right-click to see more options such as Play, Convert, Share on YouTube, etc.
screen recording videos, manage recorded files

Part 2: Edit to Trim the Recorded Videos

Step 1: Add the Recorded Video to Edit Function

To add the recorded video to the “Edit” function screen, right-click the recorded file, and select “Convert” from the options.
editing recorded video, add video to edit function

You will be redirected to the “Edit” function screen. Click “Edit” to begin the video editing.
editing recorded video, click edit

Step 2: Trim the Video

On the part of the video that you want to trim, click “Select trimming area” and drag the marks at both ends. You can click this button multiple times to trim multiple parts of the video. Then under “Preferences” select what you want to do with the selected areas. You can choose to “Keep the selected section” or “Delete the selected section”.

Once done, click “OK” to apply the changes.

editing recorded video, add trim

Step 3: Convert the Video to Save

When the changes are applied, click “Convert” to save the changes made on the video. This will be saved as a new file and it will not overwrite the original file.

editing recorded video, convert video

When the conversion is completed, the output folder will open automatically.
editing recorded video, open output folder