Amazing Way to do MP3 DailyMotion Download Songs (2022)

dailymotion, mp3 dailymotion download songs DailyMotion is a global video streaming service owned by Vivendi that is headquartered in Paris. It is a website that offers great videos and music that was created by its experts. It provides decent videos for those people who want to track their videos without delay and interruptions. The main goal of this site is to give its users high-quality videos. It gives the latest and freshest news and up-to-date releases of music videos worldwide. In visiting their site, you can still watch any videos you like even though you did not sign up on their page. Since this site’s mission is to give its viewers high-quality videos and updated news, they will allow you to stream online. However, while surfing on their site, you may encounter a lot of pop-ads that will really consume your time. Sometimes, when you try to ignore the ads, you will be redirected to another window that will frustrate you. So, the best thing to do with regard to this matter is to have an effective tool that will let you download videos and songs in DailyMotion. Using a third-party tool will be the best option you have to do mp3 DailyMotion download songs.

Using the free version of the software will allow you to download and record one song at a time. Get it now!

ZEUS for Windows Free Download

ZEUS is an all-in-one application for you to get the music video and the songs that you want. With all the functionalities given on this tool, you will easily download the music videos and songs in DailyMotion and on other streaming sites. Using the copy and paste method, screen recording, and recording the audio of your music, you can stream your favorite music anytime you want.

Method 1: Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Set Download Type to Audio

To download your music to MP3 format, click the “Download” button of the software. Under it, click the “Download Type” icon and select the “Audio” button.

mp3 dailymotion download songs, set download type

Step 2: Copy the Video URL

First, o go to the Dailymotion site. Second, using its search engine, look for your favorite music to download. Lastly, at the top search bar, use the shortcut key “CTRL+C” to copy the URL.

mp3 dailymotion download songs, copy URL to download

Step 3: Paste URL

Go back to the software once you copied the URL of the video you want to download. Then, click the “Download” button. On your left side click the “Paste URL” icon then it will automatically download the video you copied. It will also instantly extract the music’s information and put it on its original track.

Dailymotion downloads, paste URL to download

Step 4: Music Downloading

You will see the downloading progress once you click the “Download” tab.

Dailymotion music, downloading

Step 5: Downloaded File is Complete

The file will be transferred to the “Completed” tab once it is done downloading. To see its location, right-click the file then select “Open Folder”. By doing so, you will know the destination of your downloaded file.

Dailymotion downloads, complete downloading

Method 2: Music Recording

Step 1: Set Format to Mp3

Open the software and click the “Music” button. Then, click the “Format” icon and choose the “MP3” menu from the list displayed.

Dailymotion music, set to mp3 format

Step 2: Begin the Recording

Click the “Record” button of the software to begin recording.

record Dailymotion songs, start recording

Then, go to the Dailymotion site and click the “Play” button on the music you wish to record.

record music, play music

Once the recording is over, return to the software and click the “Stop” button to instantly end the recording.

dailymotion record, stop recording

Step 3: Enjoy listening to the Recorded Music

After clicking the “Stop” button, the recorded files will be instantly saved in your recorded list. Click the “library” menu to see your recorded music. And once you double-click the file, it will automatically play your recorded. Right-click for more options.

zeus recording, complete recording


DailyMotion is a good site to visit if you want to be updated on what is happening in the world, especially for music enthusiasts. It will help you watch and enjoy the videos they are offering in high-quality formats.

ZEUS has the same mission as DailyMotion- good quality videos. However, the good thing about this tool is that it will let you download not just one video but also can do batch downloading. It will help you edit music, has a CD Converter, CD Burner, and of course an ID3 tag Identifier that will extract music’s information and automatically rename the file you downloaded or recorded. With this, you can now easily do mp3 DailyMotion Download Songs.