Popular Internet Cat – Record Motimaru’s Diary from Youtube (2022)

youtube, Motimaru’s diary “Mochimaru’s Diary”. is a Japanese youtube channel that records the everyday life of a cat. A simple pet channel is nothing new these days since the internet is known for cat videos, but this particular channel has garnered the attention of millions of viewers. Maru’s owner originally documented her cat through pictures, but decided to move on to online video. It got decent views for a while, but then one of her videos went viral.

600 videos later, Maru has become a household name on youtube. They received a Guinness world record for most beautiful cat on the internet around September 2016 with 325 million views at the time. Motimarus diary continues to grow as Maru graces us with their presence. Record motimaru’s diary for offline streaming to comfort yourself with the most beautiful cat on the internet records with ZEUS RECORD.

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Method 1: Screen Record

Step 1: Find a Maru video to record

Using your PC, open your browser and go to Youtube. Find your favorite Mochimaru video.

Record Motimarus Diary, find video

Step 2: Prepare Screen Recorder for Maru video

Go to the “Record” tab in your ZEUS RECORD and choose your record type like full screen, region etc.

Record Motimarus Diary, recorder settings

Step 3: Prepare Audio

Next to your record settings, adjust your audio settings to system sound to avoid external noises from your video.

save video, audio settings

Step 4: Screen record motimaru’s diary

After everything is set, a box will appear in front of your screen asking if you’re ready to go click “ok”. A countdown will start, at that point your screen needs to be on the video for ZEUS RECORD to record your music video. The control panel will indicate how long you’ve been recording and you can pause or stop the recording once you are done.

save video, screen recording video

Step 5: Finished Recording Maru’s video

Press the stop button when you are done recording. The file will save in the “Record” tab. Right-click the file to play, open folder, convert etc.

save video, saved screen recording


The viral video in question features Maru jumping into tiny cardboard boxes. It’s a fun and silly video that most people enjoyed which led to the video being shared online more often. Mochimaru or motimaru’s diary has since then gained 1.5 million subscribers on youtube. The owner was genuinely surprised and scared that her videos gained so much attention, but seeing all the overwhelming positive comments put her mind at ease.

Mochimaru’s diary is a rare gem on the internet. Not because it’s a pet channel, but the fact that it records the daily life of a pet owner taking good care of their little fur baby. It gains the attention of pet owners and cat lovers alike and it brings a certain light to dreary days. Sometimes those dreary days are raining and it leads to connection problems, so why not record Mochimaru diaries for offline streaming!

Motimarus diary is certainly the youtube channel to go to on your down days. Watch a cat do cat things while you lay down on your bed for some much needed charging. Download ZEUS RECORD for offline Maru videos.

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