Milet Download – Indie Pop: 2 Methods to do Music Video (2022)

youtube, Milet download “Milet” is a Japanese Singer who made her debut with her EP called Inside You in 2019. Her EP reached the top 16 on the Oricon Albums Chart, and she has continued to sing and perform since. The album titled “Eyes” was a collaboration with the guitarist, Toru of One Ok Rock and Man with a Mission member Kamikaze Boy. It was released in 2020, and it became the number one hit for the Oricon and Japan’s Billboard charts.

In 2020, she released her album and became a DJ host for Music Freaks. This is a radio series that streams every Sunday on the Osaka radio station. She soon gained more traction when Milet performed at the TOKYO 2020 Red and White Song Battle. In 2021, she recently performed at the closing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She performed a cover of Hymne à l’amour by Edith Piaf. She releases some of her songs on her official Youtube channel for people to listen to for free. Her music videos have a certain aesthetic that reflect her personality which most people look for in a music video. If you want to watch the music video, you can get a music video – Milet download using ZEUS DOWNLOAD.

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Method 1: Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Set Download Type

Launch ZEUS DOWNLOAD and open the “Download” tab. Set the download format by clicking the download type icon and choose your preferred download type. In this case, we’ll be using the video option.

milet download, set format

Step 2: Copy the Milet music video URL

Using your PC browser, go to the streaming site and search for your preferred song to download. Once you found your preferred song, copy the URL on the top address bar.

milet download, copy url

Step 3: Paste the copied video URL

Proceed to the “Download” tab then click the “+Paste URL” button.
Your music video will automatically start downloading under the “Downloading” section.

youtube music video, paste video url

Step 4: Video download is completed

When the downloading process is completed, the downloaded file will be transferred automatically under the “Completed” tab. To see more options, just right-click the music file downloaded.

music video, download video

Method 2: Playlist Batch Download

Step 1: Copy the Playlist’s URL

Go to your PC browser and search for Milet’s music playlist that you want to download.
Copy the playlist URL on your browser bar.

save videos, copy playlist video url

Step 2: Paste the copied Playlist’s URL

Then go to ZEUS DOWNLOAD, and click the “+Paste URL” button under the “Download” tab.

record videos, paste url

Step 3: Select videos from the playlist to download

A new window will display all videos that the playlist contains. Select the videos you want to download by clicking the check box of each video or click the box with the “Select All” option at the bottom. Once your preferred videos are selected, click the “Add to download” button to start downloading.

download music videos, select videos from playlist

Step 4: Downloading playlist’s videos

All videos selected will be added to the downloading queue in the “Downloading” section where you can check the progress.

batch downloading, downloading playlist videos

Step 5: Playlist’s download completed

When downloading processes are complete, it will automatically transfer under the “Completed” section. Right-click to see more options like Play, Open Folder, etc.

batch video download, download playlist complete


Milet’s career continued to grow as she worked. In 2019, she did her first live show titled Milet Special Show Case @Billboard-Live Tokyo, and various media outputs featured her songs in their TV dramas and anime adaptations which are Gisou Furin, Joker x Face, Vinland Saga, Fate/Grand Order, and Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia.

Milet is an up and coming young talent that will surely win the hearts of many. Through her beautiful songs and musical aesthetics, she’ll continue to rise as a star and dazzle her audience. If you want to listen to her songs, you can find them on her official Youtube channel, and if you want to listen or watch her videos offline you can do a music video – Milet download offline with ZEUS DOWNLOAD.

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