Download Youtube Videos to Computer via Paste URL – An Easy Guide

youtube, kpop music May it be the age of the 2010s or the age of the 2020s, there is no doubt that YouTube became the most popular video-sharing platform across the internet. While many users nowadays are able to watch online videos in the comfort of their own homes, it is still an issue for many of us to have internet connection problems and power outages whenever a storm surge, network maintenance, or other unfortunate factors happen. Thus, many people resort to saving videos offline. The most efficient and well-known way how to download youtube videos to computer is via paste url option of a video downloading software or site. This article will be your guide on saving youtube videos offline using ZEUS DOWNLOAD.

ZEUS DOWNLOAD is a multimedia software that enables screen recording of video and audio, capturing images from your screen, editing of video and image, and most importantly, downloading audio and saving videos to watch offline!

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How to Download YouTube Videos via Copy Pasting The URL using ZEUS

Step 1: Copy Video URL from PC Browser

Go to Browser and Copy its URL from the page address bar.

download youtube videos to computer, video url

Step 2: Switch to ZEUS

Open the ZEUS application and go to “Download” tab.

download youtube videos to computer, switch to video downloader

Step 3: Paste the Copied URL

To begin downloading, simply click the “+Paste URL” button.

pasting url youtube, youtube copy paste url

Step 4: Check the Downloading Progress

The video will automatically be under the “Downloading” section.

downloading video, youtube video downloading

Step 5: Check the Download File

Once it is completed, click the “Completed” button to check the downloaded file.

zeus download complete, download complete

Step 6: Manage downloaded video

Right-click the downloaded file to see more options available like Play, Open Folder, etc.

manage video download, right-click menu


YouTube is a convenient video-sharing platform for all of us and video downloaders will always be a great help when it comes to downloading videos online like on YouTube whenever we need a video ready. It is undeniably an in-demand tool for every user available. What helps us in boredom and or to learn more about things we never thought we’d learn is being able to download youtube videos to computer.

Saving youtube videos to watch offline is made easy by ZEUS DOWNLOAD. You are guaranteed to save online videos when in need. Downloading videos are unlimited so save away as much as you want!