Download YouTube Tutorial: How to Make Bento Cake for Valentine’s Day (2022)

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Every February 14 a special day happens for couples, Valentine’s Day. You can find partners buying flowers, candies, gifts, and booking expensive hotel rooms. This is thanks to St. Valentine. He was well known for performing weddings for Christian soldiers when marriage was forbidden.

To celebrate love, people have been showing it towards their partners by showering them with gifts. Some even go a different route by being creative with their gifts. Since chocolates and flowers are considered a cliche, some opt for creative and more heartfelt gifts like personal albums, videos, and cakes. Now, Valentine’s Day Bento Cakes are used for such occasions.

Download YouTube tutorial on how to make Valentine’s Bento Cake with a third-party tool – ZEUS BUNDLE. With this downloader, you can watch how to make these cute cakes without worrying about network connections.

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ZEUS BUNDLE is video software that helps you to easily download and record videos from different online streaming sites. You can watch any show you like. Download YouTube tutorial videos with the Copy and Paste URL Method or use Screen Recording as an alternative if the link does not work.

Method 1: Copy And Paste URL

Step 1: Copy the video URL

Using your PC browser, open the Youtube website and copy the video URL at the top address bar.

download youtube tutorial, copy video url
Step 2: Paste the copied video URL

Launch ZEUS, Paste the copied video URL by clicking the “Paste URL” button under the “Download” menu. The video will then be processed for downloading. You will see it added automatically in the “Downloading” tab.

download youtube tutorial, paste video url
Step 3: Download Complete

After the downloading process is complete, go to the “Completed” tab to check the download. Right-click the video file to see more options.

Valentine’s Day Bento Download, check downloaded video

Method 2: Record the YouTube tutorial video

Step 1: Prepare the video for recording

Open Valentine’s Day Bento Cake YouTube tutorial and have it completely loaded to avoid buffering during the recording. Then “Pause” the video and have it ready to play for recording.

Valentine’s Day Bento Cake Download, check downloaded video
Step 2: Set the Audio Input

Open ZEUS and click the “Record” function menu. By default, the Audio Input is set to “System Sound”. Click it to change it to your preferred Audio Input.

To avoid external noises during the recording, it is recommended to use the default Audio Input – “System Sound”.

Record ZEUS, audio settings
Step 3: Choose a recording mode

To begin the recording, you need to choose a recording mode. Click the “Record” button under the “Record” function screen to see all options available. You can choose from Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, Web camera, and Only Audio.

ZEUS, choose record mode
Step 4: Begin the recording

After the countdown, a recording toolbar will be displayed indicating the recording has started. Through it, you can click “Pause” to halt the recording, click the “Pencil” icon to enable the annotation, or click to enable the web camera. You can also hide/unhide the recording toolbar by pressing the shortcut key (Ctrl + Alt + E).

When the video is finished, click “Stop” to end the recording.

Cooking Videos, start record
Step 5: Open The Recorded Video

Once the recording is done, the recorded file will be added to your recording list. Right-click the video to see more options available such as Play, Remove selected, Clear task list, Rename or Open the folder. Select “Open the folder” to check and open the file.

Finished Video, complete recording


Valentine’s Day is the time of love when you show how special someone is to you. Download YouTube tutorial and learn how to make Valentine’s Day Bento Cake with ZEUS BUNDLE. Show your love through effort and care by trying to make the cutest Bento Cake. It is an amazing software that does not limit its functions with recording from dailymotion but you can also download it from other 1000+ anime sites. You can also enjoy its many added features like Music download, ID3 Tags, Speech Recording, and more.