Anime Batch Downloader: How to Download Anime by Batch (2022)

Anime, Anime Batch DownloaderAnime is life for most people. It keeps you entertained, and you can watch great stories. They’re great for binging on the weekends or when you’re having a bad day. You can find your favorite shows on streaming sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Kissanime, and other streaming sites. The best way to watch them is through offline streaming. You can download with the use of third-party tools like ZEUS DOWNLOAD.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best anime batch downloader. You can use ZEUS DOWNLOAD for this task so you can get all the anime. This software can be the best anime batch downloader. You can use the copy and paste method to get your favorite anime playlist. The software features a batch downloader where you can get them all in one go. You can download from streaming sites like YouTube, Animekiss, CrunchyRoll, and other free anime hosting sites. Get your favorite anime episodes from any of these sites.

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Method 1: YouTube Playlist Batch Download

Step 1: Copy Playlist URL

Open your browser, and go to or open the anime playlist that you want to download. Then, simply copy the URL on the top search bar of your browser.
anime batch downloader, copy playlist link

Step 2: Paste the Playlist’s URL

To start the downloading process, simply launch the ZEUS software, and on the Download menu, click Paste URL. This will detect all anime videos within the playlist.
zeus download, paste URL

Step 3: Download the Playlist

After this, a new window will pop up with the list of all detected videos within the playlist. Select the videos that you want to download by marking check each or click “Select All” to download all the videos in the list. Then click Add to Download – to start the downloading process.
download anime playlist, select video to download

Step 4: Begin Downloading

When everything is set, the downloading for all the anime episodes or video bulk will start. Wait for a few minutes for the downloading process to finish.
download anime playlist, downloading anime

Step 5: Download Complete

When the downloading is finished, go to the Completed Tab. You may right click the downloaded file to see more options available such as Play, Open Folder, etc.
download anime playlist, finished playlist download

Method 2: Download Multiple Anime Video Simultaneously

Step 1: Copy the anime video URLL

Go to your favorite anime site and open the anime video that you want to download. Then copy its URL from the top address bar.
anime batch downloader, copy multiple url

Step 2: Paste copied multiple URLs

Run ZEUS, go to the “Download” function screen, and click the “Add batch URL” icon.
anime batch downloader, open batch url tool

Then paste all the anime URLs you copied and click “OK” to proceed.
 anime batch downloader, paste copied urls

Step 3: Begin downloading

All pasted URLs will be processed for download. You can check the download progress under the “Downloading” tab.
anime batch downloader, downloading anime

Step 4: Download complete

When the download is finished, it will be transferred under the “Completed” tab. Right-click the downloaded file to manage and see more options such as Play. Open Folder, etc.
anime batch downloader, download complete


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