How to Add Annotation in Real Time while Recording with ZEUS RECORD

This page introduces how to add annotation in real-time such as adding characters, boxes, arrows, etc. on the screen being recorded with ZEUS RECORD.

ZEUS RECORD is a very convenient software for PC screen recording, but you can also add emphasis and annotations such as adding characters and enclosing. This function is very convenient when you want to teach how to operate a PC with a video or for a presentation.

You can try this function by clicking the button below.

ZEUS Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Step 1: Choose a Recording Mode

Launch ZEUS, click the “Record” function menu and click the “Record” button. A list of recording mode options will dropdown such as Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, Web Camera, and Only Audio.
add annotation, select recording mode

Then select your preferred recording area and click “OK” to proceed.

add annotation, select recording area

Step 2: Enable the Annotation

When the recording begins, a recording toolbar will pop up. Click the “Pencil” icon to enable the annotation.

enable live annotate, click pencil icon

Select the type of figure or character you want to enter. For figures and lines, select the type in the following part.

enable live annotate, annotate functions

A. Box (square)
B. Ellipse
C. Straight line
D. Straight arrow
E. Freehand
F. Highlights

When writing with shapes, use freehand, and highlighting. After selecting the type, set the line thickness and color.

enable live annotate, select color and thickness

G. Letter

For letters, if you want to add texts and characters, click the “A” icon.

enable live annotate, add texts

H. Cancel
I. Erase

If you click the “Cancel” button, the previous entry will be deleted.
Click the “Eraser” button to erase all the characters and figures you have added.

enable live annotate, cancel or erase

Step 3: Stop the Recording

To end the recording, click the “Stop” button.
input characters and figures, recording using zeus record while putting characters in real time, selecting type, stop recording