Steps on How to Record Funny Videos of Kuki Kaidan on Youtube (2022)

youtube, record funny videos Kuki Kaiden is very popular in Japan since they are the most well-known duo comedians. They are managed by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Which is the most influential company in Japan for producing talents that specialize in comedy. The comedians have already won the best tale in Japan namely King of Conte 2021 which is sponsored by TBS Television in 2021. Watching their video will let you laugh hard and release your stress for a moment.

For those people who are in other countries, even though you can barely understand their language, when you watch their expressions and gestures, it will really make you laugh. Since comedians are very popular not just in Japan, many people want to see them perform live. However, a pandemic hinders it all. Good thing they have a Youtube Channel wherein they uploaded their videos for those audiences who cannot see them perform. So, to record funny videos of Kuki Kaidan or Kuki Kaidan world record funny videos, ZEUS BUNDLE LITE is recommended for you to use.

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ZEUS BUNDLE LITE is a Kuki Kaidan app that will let you download and record funny videos. This tool has a feature like Screen Recording for you to save any Kuki Kaidan videos you want. With the help of this tool, watching offline videos is possible. It also has a function that will let you do voice recording and copy and paste the URL method. Exploring the functions of this tool will surely amaze you.

How to Record Funny Videos of Kuki Kaidan

This method is also supported in the following software: ZEUS BUNDLE, ZEUS RECORD, and ZEUS RECORD LITE.

Step 1: Select Kuki Kaidan Video to Record

Open the Youtube site and go to the Air Staircase Channel which is the official youtube channel of Kuki Kaidan. Then, select any video you want to record.

record funny videos, open official youtube site

Step 2: Set Sound Source

Before you begin the recording, make sure to set the appropriate sound source. To do so, open the software then click the 1. “Record” menu. Then click the 2. “System Sound” button to see the dropdown list of options for your selection such as System Sound, Microphone, or both System Sound and Microphone.

In this example, we will set the sound source to “System Sound” to record only the sound coming from your PC.

record funny videos, set system sound

Step 3: Choose Recording Mode

To start the recording, you need to choose a recording mode. To do this, Just go to 1. “Record” menu screen and click the 2. “Record” button. A list of options will drop down such as Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, Web Camera, and Only Audio.

In this example, we will use the 3. “Region” as the recording mode wherein you can select a specific area to record.

kuki kaidan, set region for recording

Step 4: Begin Recording

After selecting the recording area, a three-second countdown will appear on your screen. Once the countdown is finished, open the Kuki Kaidan video and click the “Play” button to have it recorded. When the recording starts, the recording toolbar will pop up where you can Pause or Stop the recording if necessary.

kuki kaidan, start recording

Step 5: Play your Video

The recorded file will be listed under the “record” menu screen. Double-click the recorded file to play it. You can also right-click the recorded file to see more options.

funny videos, complete recording


Kuki Kaidan is really fun to watch. Watching their videos will help you release your stress and forget your problem for a moment. The duo comedians will really help and teach people how to laugh even though we are facing this crisis.

So, if you want to set aside your problem for a moment, watching Kuki Kaidan comedy videos will be your remedy. With the help of ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, you can easily record funny videos of Kuki Kaidan. Other than YouTube, this software also allows recording from other video streaming sites like Bilibili, Dailymotion, etc.