Save China Winter Olympics – Latest News (2022)

youtube, China Winter Olympics The China Winter Olympics will take place from February 4 to 20 across three areas: Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. With the opening ceremonies at Beijing, the competition begins just six months after the Tokyo Games. You can find the ice sports and four snow events held in China’s capital, Beijing. While, Alpine and sliding events in Yanqing, and majority of the ski and snowboarding events in Zhangjiakou.

With a total of 109 medal events across 15 sports, and the addition of seven new events, fans are excited to witness the peak of human capabilities. There are high expectations for the US since they finished fourth in PyeongChang with a total of 23 medals. As for the fans, the International Olympic Committee has announced that only a few selected people will be allowed to attend the Games due to the ongoing pandemic.

So far only fans from China are allowed to attend the events as tickets are not being offered worldwide. But fret not as you can watch the winter olympics in Peacock or find clips on Youtube. Peacock will be streaming the Beijing Winter Games with live coverage of every single event. You can also tune in to NBC, USA, and CNBC for the Games.

But as much as we would like to watch the live stream and all of the events, most of us are too busy working to watch everything. So why not download China Winter Olympics 2022? You can use third-party tools like ZEUS to get high-quality footage to watch later. Start it off by downloading China 2022 Winter Olympics Song with this amazing downloader.

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Method 1: Copy And Paste Video URL

Step 1: Set Download Type

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China Winter Olympics, copy URL

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In the “Download” menu click the “+Paste URL” button. The video will automatically download, you can check this under the “Downloading” tab.

China Winter Olympics, paste URL

Step 4: Download Complete

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Take note you can drag the toolbar off screen or use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+E to hide it.

Olympics Event, start recording

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Finished Video, complete recording


The China Winter Olympics 2022 has made headlines due to controversy. But what’s important is to support the athletes who have worked hard to compete in this year’s olympics. Tune in and download China Winter Olympics to show your support for the people who worked hard to make it happen.

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