Milet MP3 Download | How to Download Milet’s Music Video to MP3 (2022)

youtube, Milet MP3 Download One of the rising stars who recently made noise in the music industry is “Milet”. She is a popular singer-songwriter that is raised in Canada but currently residing in Tokyo to pursue her career. Milet was even tagged as the Japanese Adele due to her unique voice with husky and emotional effects. Ever her songwritings are impressive which is why her impact on global audiences is remarkable. Her popularity starts rising when Milet joins TOKYO 2020 Red and White Song Battle for Kohaku Uta Gassen singing contest.

If you want to stream all of Milet’s songs, you may subscribe to its YouTube Channel named “Milet Official YouTube Channel”. You can find here some of her popular songs such as milet “Ordinary days” Music Video and milet「checkmate」MUSIC VIDEO. To add her music to your local playlist, you may opt to do Music Video – Milet MP3 Download through a third-party tool like the ZEUS BUNDLE.

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With the use of ZEUS BUNDLE, you can easily extract music from YouTube and download it straight to MP3 format. No need to hassle yourself in using different tools for downloading and conversion because ZEUS can do both in just a few clicks! Now you can easily grab Milet’s popular songs by doing a Milet’s Drown MP3 download or Milet’s Prover MP3 download.

Method 1: Use Online Video to Audio Converter

Step 1: Copy Milet’s video URL from YouTube

On your PC browser, go to the YouTube website and open Milet’s music video that you want to download. Then copy the video’s URL on the top address bar.

milet mp3 download, copy the video url

Step 2: Paste the copied URL

Then launch the ZEUS and open the “Music” menu screen. Then head to the “Download” tab and click to open the “Online Video to Audio” tool.

milet mp3 download, open the online video to audio tool

A new window for Online Video to Audio tool will open. Paste the copied URL to the URL field box and click the “Add to Download” button to start the download. By default, the download format is set to MP3.

download mp3, paste the copied url

Step 3: Downloading music

Once added to download, the software will then extract and download the music from the YouTube video. You can see its download progress under the “Downloading” section.

mp3 download, start downloading

Step 4: Download complete

Once downloading is completed, it will be automatically transferred under the “Completed” tab. You may right-click the downloaded music to see more options such as Play, Remove, Add to Playlist, etc.

milet mp3 download, download complete

Method 2: Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Set Download Type to Audio

To enable the downloading to MP3 format, you need to set first the download type to “Audio”. To do this, click to open the “Download” menu screen and click the “Download Type” icon. Then select “Audio” from the selection.

youtube download, set download type

Step 2: Copy the video URL

Open the music video of Milet on YouTube using your PC browser and copy the URL from the top address bar.

download music, copy video url

Step 3: Paste the copied video URL

Go to the “Download” menu screen and click the “+Paste URL” button. The music will then be extracted from the YouTube video and will be processed for download. You can check its progress under the “Downloading” tab.

youtube music download, paste url

Step 4: Download complete

Once the download is completed, it will be automatically transferred under the “Completed” tab. You may right-click the downloaded music file to see more options such as Play, Open Folder, etc.

save music, download complete


Gaining millions of views per music video, Millet is surely adored by many fans. The way he sang each lyric, you could feel the emotions and couldn’t help but be carried away. Her soothing voice could even touch your soul. It would be perfect to listen to this kind of music when you are alone and wanted to relax your mind and calm your heart. To listen offline, you can do Music Video – Milet MP3 download.

The MP3 download solutions offered by ZEUS BUNDLE are very helpful. Its download solution works in multiple methods which makes it flexible and hassle-free. Aside from YouTube, it can also download from other online streaming sites like Dailymotion, Bilibili, Nicovideo, etc.