Download My Universe in MP3 For Offline Streaming (2022)

youtube, download My Universe MP3 Coldplay is a British alternative pop rock band. With some of their most popular songs like Scientists, Yellow, and Fix You has touched people’s hearts as they listen to the most blissful melodies. BTS is a Kpop boy band that is well known for their upbeat and fun songs like Dynamite, Permission to Dance and Butter. They’re music is awesome for parties since they’re easy to dance to.

Both fandoms were surprised about the collaboration between Coldplay and BTS. “My Universe” is the name of the song that they collaborated on for the Album Music of The Spheres. But there was no doubt that this song collab was going to flop since BTS has collaborated with Western artists before such as Halsey and Megan Thee Stallion. If you want to listen to the song yourself, you can ZEUS MUSIC for offline streaming.

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ZEUS MUSIC is a highly recommended software that provides video and music downloading through links and search engines. You can also record, convert and edit videos and music for your personal use. Through this handy tool, you can now easily download My Universe MP3 files.

Method 1: Search to download

Step 1: Search for the song

Launch ZEUS MUSIC and open the “Music” menu. Go to the “Search” tab and type the name of the song in the search bar.

download my universe mp3, search for song

Step 2: Download the song

You can listen to the song if you want to make sure that it’s the correct one. Check the box next to the song you want to download and click the “Add to Download” button on the lower right corner of the software.

download my universe mp3, add to download

Go to the “Download” tab and click the “Downloading” section there you’ll see your song being downloaded and processed.

save music, start downloading

Step 3: Completed Download

When the downloading process is finished, the downloaded file will be transferred automatically to the “Completed” section. Right-click to see more options for the file.

save music, saved download

Method 2: Record

Step 1: Find Music

Using your PC, open your browser and go to Find the official My Universe video.

download my universe music mp3, find song

Step 2: Prepare Music Recorder

Go to the “Music” tab in your ZEUS MUSIC and click the “Record” section.

record song, music recorder

Step 3: Adjust Audio Settings

Ensure that the audio settings are set at “system sound” to avoid external noises from your microphone.

record song, music recorder

Step 4: Adjust audio format

Next to the audio setting is the audio file format, click it open to select which file you would like for your file to save as.

record song, music recorder

Step 5: Record

Once your audio settings are set, begin recording by pressing the record button.

record song, start recording

Then go back to My Universe video on your PC browser and play it to have it recorded.

record song, play video

Below you’ll see a control panel where you can stop, pause and even adjust the volume as you record.

save bts music, stop recording

Step 6: Open File

After recording, an icon will show the track you just recorded. Open the folder location to see where it was saved by right-clicking the recorded file. Go to “Library” section and right-click the recorded file for more options available.

record song, music download


My Universe is the perfect song to vibe to with your friends. You can play this at a chill party in the background or let it go on full blast. Let both fans of each band jam out and enjoy themselves! Download My Universe MP3 with ZEUS MUSIC for a good time.

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