Audiotree from YouTube – Save Live Sessions (2022)

youtube, audiotree youtube Audiotree is a company that showcases talented artists from around the world. It was originally created to give young bands a platform but later became the cornerstone in the music industry. The concept was to professionally capture intimate performances by diverse and talented artists at no cost. You can discover bands and singers on their website and their Youtube Channel.

If you’re looking for new artists to listen to, you can go to their channel and click on a video. Discovering someone new could lead you to listen to more of their songs. You’d be helping these artists if you share their songs with your friends or family. Save Live Sessions – Audiotree from YouTube to share rare gems you can find on the internet with ZEUS BUNDLE LITE.

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ZEUS BUNDLE LITE is a highly recommended software that provides downloading, recording, and conversion capabilities. It’s easy and fun to use. You can try the copy and paste URL function to download audiotree music for your indie music needs.

Method 1: Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Set Download Type

Launch ZEUS BUNDLE LITE and open the “Download” menu screen. Then set the download format by clicking the download type icon. To download a video, set the download type to “Video”.

Audiotree from Youtube, set format

Step 2: Copy The Audiotree music video URL

Using your PC, open your browser and go to the streaming site. Search for your preferred song to download and open it. Copy the URL on the address bar.

Audiotree from Youtube, set format

Step 3: Paste the copied video URL

Proceed to the “Download” menu then click the “+Paste URL” button. Your music will automatically start downloading under the “Downloading” tab.

zeus download, paste video url

Step 4: Video download is completed

When the downloading process is completed, the downloaded file will be transferred automatically under the “Completed” tab. To see more options, just right-click the music file downloaded.

music download, download video

Method 2: Screen Record

Step 1: Find Music

Using your PC, open your browser and go to Youtube. Find your favorite Audiotree music in their channel.

save music, find song

Step 2: Prepare Screen Recorder

Go to the “Record” tab in your ZEUS BUNDLE LITE and choose your record type like full screen, region etc.

Audiotree Music, recorder settings

Step 3: Prepare Audio

Next to your record settings, adjust your audio settings to system sound to avoid external noises from your video.

record Audiotree Music, audio settings

Step 4: Screen record Audiotree Music

After everything is set, a box will appear in front of your screen asking if you’re ready to go click “ok”. A countdown will commence by that point your screen needs to be on the video for ZEUS BUNDLE LITE to record your music video. The control panel will indicate how long you’ve been recording and you can pause or stop the recording once you are done.

save Audiotree music, screen recording video

Step 5: Finished Recording Audiotree Music

Press the stop button when you are done recording. The file will save in the “Record” tab. Right-click the file to play, open folder, convert etc.

record Youtube songs, saved screen recording


Their Youtube Channel posts music videos from various bands and all their information can be found on the description box below. It helps fresh bands and artists find their footing in the music industry as it is difficult to get started, especially for people who have no connections. They make themselves available and accessible online for anyone to join.

Audiotree is an excellent website and channel to discover fresh new songs from unknown artists. They provide opportunities for new artists to play on a platform for a chance to be discovered by the public. You can be one of the first fans for these talented people by listening and downloading their new songs. Download Audiotree from YouTube Music with ZEUS BUNDLE LITE to show your friends your new discoveries.

ZEUS BUNDLE LITE offer download solutions that work great for any beginner. You can download, convert, edit and upload with this software. Downloads are available from Youtube, Dailymotion, Bilibili, Nicovideo, and other 1000+ websites.