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Q. Does muting the audio during recording with ZEUS RECORD affect the audio of the recorded video?

If you mute the sound of the recording video, etc. during recording (silence state), there will be no audio in the recorded video file. If you want to have an audio or sound to the recorded video file, it is necessary to have enabled sound output from your personal computer.

If you want to record silently during recording, but you need audio in the recorded video file, please use an external speaker that has a volume control function.

For example, if you are using an external speaker, follow the steps below to record:

1) Play the video to be recorded and check that the sound can be heard from the external speaker.

2) Set only the volume of the external speaker to “0”.
The volume of the computer and video will not be lowered. If you lower it, no audio will be included in the recorded video file.

3) Record.
If you record in the above state, there will be no sound during recording, only the recorded video file will contain audio.