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Q: The video recorded by ZEUS RECORD is now misaligned or disturbed, What do I do?

If the recording function was working properly, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the product.

Note: Please try reinstalling with the security software temporarily turned off during installation.

Please check the following:

1. If there are any updates or changes made to the computer or OS before or after the video and audio are out of sync. The effect is also possible.

2. If the available memory capacity is insufficient, processing will not be in time and processing will not be in time. There may be a gap between the video and audio. Make sure you have enough free memory. Also, when recording, close other applications and tools.
* Some security software has a high load.

3. As for the recording method, it is more burdensome to record by specifying the range than full-screen recording. If there is no deviation when the resolution is set to about 1280 x 720 in full-screen recording, this is probably due to the load on the computer.

4. The load will change depending on the recording target. There is no problem recording videos stored on your computer or online videos,

5. If there is a gap only when recording specific content, the cause may be the content or the way the content is played.

If you experience any of these conditions, please contact support.