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Q. What is the difference between ZEUS RECORD LITE and ZEUS RECORD?

Both products can record the screen of a personal computer. In the case of ZEUS RECORD LITE, it is a trial version with the following functions limited.

Recording function

  • Recording end-setting (duration specified)
  • Scheduled recording
  • Web camera compatible (recording, timer recording)
  • Recording Comment editing

Edit function

  • Editing function (cut / crop / rotation inversion / playback speed / volume / image quality)

If you have purchased ZEUS RECORD + EDIT LITE, you can use the above edit function.

The edit function provided by ZEUS RECORD is equivalent to ZEUS EDIT LITE.

The functions provided by the higher version of ZEUS EDIT are limited.

If you want to use the above function, please purchase ZEUS BUNDLE which can use all the functions of the ZEUS RECORD and ZEUS series.